عکس شماره 2
M.Amin Daneshvar

Poem traditionally means a creation of an individual author, however , collective author is irrefutable in some artistic fields such as cinema and theater. In recent years, some combinations have been experienced between poetry and photography and several books have been published in this field. In my opinion ,mostly, picture and poetry were mere companion and not beyond that. Perhaps it's because in these works, poetry and picture have not been created for an identical objective and meaning; and no interface was appeared in poetry and photographer minds and actually they just  have assembled their artistic works. So, let 's say the collective author has not  been accomplished in our poetry yet.

In present collection, two individual authors (Sirous Nozari (the poet)& Mohammad A .Daneshvar (the photographer) have attempted to create a mind interface to produce an artistic work in the sort of collective author. No matter, the poems are composed or selected for the pictures or the photographs have been prepared for this reason; the final product can be scrutinized as a visual poetry.

A poem which attempts to reach a common sight of the two authors and get to an  approach beyond them. Each work of this artistic collection try not only to be released of surrounding words, but also the pictures don't tend to be enclosed in dots, lines, surfaces, colors, textures and lights. These two efforts, sometimes, reach together in a point and has brought up a third form which doesn't belong neither to the poet nor to the photographer.

These two paradoxes which both are traditionally belonged to individual author, here has been changed into an artistic product by collective author. Some questions have been followed by this form that can not be answered with traditional insight.

This paradox is the attraction of the present collection. The paradoxes between traditional cognition of phenomena and our insight of today postmodern world.